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Solar simulator Xenon Lamp Light Source CEL-S500-T5


Place of Origin:Beijing

Brief introduction:CEL-S500-T5 solar simulator xenon light source, using the xenon lamp power supply developed by Beijing Au-light, the light output stability increased significantly,

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Using the newly developed xenon lamp power supply of Beijing Au-light, the light output stability has increased significantly, <±0.5%, which is beneficial to solar cells, photoelectric chemical PEC, photothermal seawater evaporation and other research fields which require high stability; it can also be used for photoelectric response type device testing, I-V performance testing of solar cells, photoelectric catalysis, photoelectric chemical analysis, biological light, photocatalysis and other fields.

This series of light source can be compatible with a variety of specifications, brands, imported and domestic filters and lenses (25.4mm, 50.8mm,,M52, M62, etc.), our company can provide various specifications of quartz filters, reflectors, K9 optical filters, etc. Visible light: solar cell test, simulated sunlight, point light source output, can be fiber optic lead, uniform parallel light. With the use of AM1.5 filter, you can achieve a better fit with the sunlight spectrum, product performance applications better. Cooperate with the use of adjustable light lan, can adjust the spot irradiation area, irradiation area of 3mm-50mm diameter continuously adjustable.

Advantageous features: high-quality optical lens to improve light collection efficiency; the use of back light reflector structure to improve light collection efficiency; built-in three-dimensional adjustment platform, optical precision adjustment can be achieved; a full range of accessories, fiber optic connections and a variety of filters; color temperature up to 6000K, simulating sunlight; cooling mode using fan air-cooled cycle cooling.

Product technical specification table



Lamp type

Spherical xenon lamp (optional Osram imported from Germany)

Xenon lamp system

Three-dimensional adjustment, built-in lamp temperature monitoring, fan delay and other functions, current and voltage display at the same time, real-time monitoring of lamp output power

Optical power  range 

(1Sun = 100mw/cm2)


Maximum power


Current adjustment range


Spectrum range


Optical power  density(mw/cm2)


Power Stability


Light source stability


Parallel light spot diameter


Spot light output diameter


Zoom function

Can change the light output spot size

Lamp lifetime

500-1000 Hours

Cooling method  


Accessories and photocatalytic xenon lamp light source accessories common, can be combined with a variety of filters, light Lan, optical fiber, case

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