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CEL-FES300 Multi-function optical fiber light source


Place of Origin:Beijing

Brief introduction:CEL-FES300Multi-function optical fiber light source is another upgrade on the basis of the new T9 photocatalytic integrated xenon lamp light source

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CEL-FES300Multi-function optical fiber light source  is another upgrade on the basis of the new T9 photocatalytic integrated xenon lamp light source, which realizes the multi-purpose of one machine, includes a variety of experimental schemes and configurations, and realizes flexible configuration and flexible experiments.

Serial numberFunctionDescriptionConfiguration


Photocatalysis experimentStrong photocatalysis of   300W  xenon lamp,  combined    with    steering    head, all kinds   of filters   can be      configured   arbitrarily.Standard configuration
2.Optical fiber output

It can not be limited by space, and a filter can be  added.

Standard configuration
3.Simulated daylight experimentIt can replace the sunlight      simulator. Light stability<1%, AM1.5 Built-in    standard, The  square spot can be  reached   40*40mmStandard configuration

Spot size adjustment  Fast opening and closing of light    output

10*10mm—60*60mm Continuously     adjustable  Standard configuration

Fast opening and closing of light    output

The time setting can be  millisecond. The opening   and     closing time can be set arbitrarily.  Number    of  cycles。

Standard configuration


Photoelectrochemical PEC 


Shutter for photocurrent testing,M62 Filter             fixture,   Manual lifting platform, Arbitrary             irradiation   angle

Standard configuration


Automatic lifting platform       


It can be used for the rise and fall of light source, complete various experiments of photocatalysis, and can also be 

used to support the exit of optical fiber.




Support more than 100 kinds of filters   of CEAULIGHT.



Optical dark box

It is mainly used for experiments that   need to avoid light, such as   optoelectronics, solar cells, photocatalysis and so on.  Selection  LB70



1.PEC photoelectrochemistry 

2.Solar cell testing

3.Membrane photocatalysis

4.Photodegradation of gaseous pollutants (such as VOCs, formaldehyde, nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, etc.)

5.Photodegradation of liquid pollutants (such as dyes, benzene and benzene series, etc.)

6.Photocatalytic decomposition of water to hydrogen / oxygen

7.Photocatalytic total decomposition of water

8.Photocatalytic CO2 reduction

9.Photochromic photosynthesis 

                    Note: electric lifting platform is optional.

Technical parameters

Main parameters

CEL-FES300Multi-function optical fiber light source

Average power density of optical output (1Sun=1000W/m2 Solar 

constant)Continuously adjustable(CEL-NP2000Determination)

0~20 Sun

Luminescence spectrum range SpectralOutput(nm)

(AULTT-P4000 Determination)

300nm~2500nm (No ozone)
Working spot diameter(Optional continuous adjustment accessories)Above 60mm
Optical fiber output square spot10*10mm—60*60mm,Adjust by converging lens
Output uniformity of optical fiber square spot<5%(<40mm)
Optical fiber square spot output spectrum350-1100nm(Built-in AM 1.5,Simulated solar spectrum output)
Output power density of optical fiber square spotLess than1000mW/cm²,(□10mm,<1000 mW/cm²;□20mm,<500 mW/cm²; □40mm,<200 mW/cm²; □60mm,<100 mW/cm²)
Electronic shutterThe precision is 0.01s, the opening and closing time and the number of cycles can be set arbitrarily.

Output power in ultraviolet region UV Output, <390nm (Watts)

Output power in infrared region IR Output, >770nm (Watts)28.8W

Visible region output, 390-770nm (Lumens)


300W(Lighting voltage 15KV,Working voltage14V)New 300W special power supply

Current (Amps DC)21A(10A~22A)
Total luminous output power50W
Life(Hours)>1000H Limit 6000H(dusty and humid conditions can seriously affect life)
Optical output index

Output stability of optical fiber:<±0.5%

Temperature control system

he light source system adopts multi-point temperature monitoring to ensure the stable output of the light source.

The fan speed delay is automatically adjusted according to the system temperature to stabilize the light intensity output.

Optional accessories

CEL-LMP400 Automatic lifting platform

CEL-NP2000-2 Strong light power meter
Optional quartz coated filter

Conventional filter:UVIRCut400(Through 400-780nm),UVIRCut420(Through  420-780nm)

,Cut800(Through  800nm  Above),AM1.5G(300-1100nm),AREF(Full spectral reflection,200-2500nm),VisREF(Standard visible reflector,350nm-780nm),UVREF(Ultraviolet reflector,200-400nm);

Bandpass filter:QD254,QD275,QD280,QD295,QD300-800,QD313,QD320,QD325,QD330,QD334,QD350,QD355,QD360, QD365,QD370,  QD375, QD380,QD400,QD405,QD420,QD435,QD450,QD475,QD500,QD520,QD550,QD578,QD600,QD630,QD650,QD670, QD700,QD730,QD765,QD850,QD940;

Square spot 40*40mm,Uniformity 4.96%,Optical power density unit(mW/cm2)

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