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CEL-PF300-T8 Xenon lamp light source system

Model: CEL-PF300-T8

Place of Origin:Beijing

Brief introduction:Photocatalytic xenon light sources are widely used in research fields such as photolysis of water to produce hydrogen

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Photocatalytic xenon light sources are widely used in research fields such as photolysis of water to produce hydrogen, photochemical catalysis, photochemical synthesis, photodegradation of pollutants, water pollution treatment, biological illumination, optical detection, various simulated sunlight visible light acceleration experiments, and ultraviolet band acceleration experiments. Most photochemical experiments need to simulate sunlight, and the xenon light source has a spectrum similar to sunlight.


CEL-PF300 series xenon lamp system is a high-power full-band light source with continuous wavelength distribution and spectrum coverage of UV-Vis-IR 200-1100nm. Imported xenon lamp bulbs, advanced patented heat dissipation mode (patent number: ZL.201020250564.8), concentrated light energy output, facilitate the use of light in the experiment, and accelerate the efficiency of the experiment. Separate design of power supply and light box, the main body of the light box adopts the sun flower air-cooled heat dissipation form, the light path turning structure adopts multiple filtering structures, filtering out a large amount of infrared light, reducing the heating effect of infrared rays on the solution or sample in the experiment; filter turning module can be compatible with a variety of filters and lenses; compact design, can be placed arbitrarily, to achieve more flexible and diverse applications.

Technical Parameters

1.Input power: 300W (100 ~ 320W continuously adjustable)

2.Display: digital display current and voltage;

3.Light Output density: 0 ~ 20 Sun continuously adjustable (1Sun = 1000W / m2 solar constant);

4.Total light output power: 50W 300nm ~ 2500nm CEL-PF300-T8 (ozone free); 200nm ~ 2500nm CEL-PUV300-T8 (ozone);

5.Working Light diameter:  <60mm;

6. Bulb LifeHours: > 1000H;

7.Temperature control system: the light box adopts dual-point temperature monitoring, the fan speed delay is automatically adjusted according to the system temperature, and the light output is stabilized;

8. Built-in system: temperature control system, work monitoring, low voltage control, adjustable power (11A-22A).

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