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CEL-GDT-12 gas distribution meter


Place of Origin:Beijing

Brief introduction:CEL-GDT-12 gas distribution instrument for multi-position photolysis instrument

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CEL-GDT-12 gas distribution instrument for multi-position photolysis instrument, parallel photochemical reaction instrument, LED photochemical reaction instrument and other multi-position reaction instrument use, to achieve the reaction tube vacuum, inflation, bubbling, independent control and other functions, to achieve a 1-way air intake, 12-bit outlet, the use of American imported anlok stainless steel valve control, sub-line using 1 16inchPEEK pipeline, can be inserted into any liquid, 8mm--1 16inch joint is made of PEEK material.

Technical parameters

NameCEL-GDT-12 gas distribution meter
FunctionVacuum, inflation, bubbling, independent control
Outlet hole position12-bit, joint 1x16 inch PEEK line 1m*12
PEEK connector8mm--1/16inch*12
Flow controlDywer rotor Flowmeter imported from USA
Pressure gauge-0.1~0.3Mpa
ValveAnlok stainless steel valves imported from the United States, including 6 needle valves and 2 ball valves
Air inlet3mm national standard joint, 2, 1 pressure regulator
Vacuum interfaceStandard bleed ball valve to prevent backsuction of vacuum pump oil
Matching instrumentCEL-LAB500E4 photolysis instrument, LAB200-E7 parallel photolysis instrument, CEL-PCRD300-12 photochemical  reaction          instrument
Optional accessoriesVacuum pump + electromagnetic baffle valve

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