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CEL-LAB200E7 parallel photochemical reaction instrument


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The CEL-LAB200E7 parallel photochemical reaction instrument is a real parallel reaction instrument, which places the LED light source in the center of the 10-bit reactor and rotates the LED light source to irradiate any reactor at the same optical power density. The reactor has the functions of temperature control, air intake, air outlet, real-time sampling, magnetic stirring and so on, and 10 samples can be tested in parallel at the same time.

The parallel photochemical reaction instrument can be applied to the screening of photocatalysts, improve the efficiency of photocatalysis and realize the analysis of parallel samples. It is mainly used to study the photochemical reaction under the conditions of gas phase or liquid phase medium, fixed or mobile system, ultraviolet light, monochromatic light, visible light or simulated sunlight, constant temperature, the same light intensity and so on. It has the functions of analyzing reaction products, determining reaction kinetics, measuring quantum yield and so on. It is widely used in photochemical catalysis, chemical synthesis, environmental protection, life science and other research fields.

Advantages and characteristics of CEL-LAB200E7 parallel photochemical reaction instrument:

1.The standard quartz reaction tube in the reactor has the functions of temperature control, air intake, air outlet, real-time sampling, magnetic stirring and so on.

2.The LED light source can rotate around the axis to achieve uniform parallel irradiation.

3.LED light source can be hot-swappable online to replace light sources of different wavelengths.

4.Fourteen monochromatic wavelengths and visible white light that can be selected from 365nm-940nm are realized.

5.The power of LED light source 30W-200W can be adjusted continuously to realize wide-range power variation.

6.The optical power, rotation and magnetic stirring of LED light source system are controlled independently.

Technical parameters

Parallel photochemical reaction instrumentCEL-LAB200E7  (LED)

Number of working bits

10-bit, 10-bit magnetic stirring, adjustable speed

Reaction tube

Quartz glass reaction tube, 19 standard port, built-in temperature control sandwich, air inlet and outlet, real-time sampling, standard specification 50ml*10

LED light source

The power regulation range is 30 Mel 200W continuously adjustable, self-rotating around the axis, standard white light (410-760nm), built-in power supply

LED lamp assembly

10-bit LED lamp row, rotating irradiation, integrated air-cooled heat dissipation, hot plug, arbitrary replacement of different wavelength LED lamp assembly

Irradiation mode

The 10-bit LED lamp assembly irradiates from inside to outside and rotates in real time to ensure the uniformity and uniformity of the reaction tube irradiation.

Input power supply


Optional LED assembly

CEL-CLED200R rotating LED lamp assembly                                                                      365nm,395nm,405nm,420nm,455nm,470nm,500nm,520nm,590nm,620nm,660nm,850nm,940nm,White light,Simulated daylight

Other options
  1. Temperature control circulation machine,HX105 (0-95℃ ,Adjustable

  2. Quartz reaction tube,100ml(CEL-QRT100),50ml(CEL-QRT50)

  3. Special protective box, LB70(400*400*700mm)

CEL-CLED200R rotating LED lamp assembly

365nm,395nm,405nm,420nm,455nm,470nm,500nm,520nm,590nm,620nm,660nm,850nm,940nm,White light,Simulated daylight

HX105 Constant temperature circulating water machine

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