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CEL-PCRD300-12 photochemical reaction instrument (LED)


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CEL-PCRD300-12 photochemical reaction instrument (LED), mainly uses the screening of catalysts to improve the efficiency of photocatalysis experiments. 12-bit samples can be tested at the same time, realizing the analysis of samples under different wavelengths and different conditions, and speeding up the experimental process. The functions of catalytic reaction such as temperature control, ventilation, vacuum, stirring and selecting various wavelengths are realized. The standard GDT gas distribution instrument can also control the experimental reaction atmosphere of the reaction tube alone.

CEL-PCRD300-12 photochemical reaction instrument (LED) is mainly used to study photochemical reactions in gas or liquid media, fixed or mobile systems, photocatalysts and so on. It has the functions of analyzing reaction products, determining reaction kinetics, measuring quantum yield and so on. it is widely used in the fields of photochemical catalysis, chemical synthesis, photocatalytic degradation, catalytic hydrogen production, photocatalytic reduction of CO2, photocatalytic nitrogen fixation, environmental protection, life science and so on.


1.The side irradiation is used to increase the irradiation area, which is 10 times that of the base irradiation.

2.12-bit independent numerical control, stirring, light intensity, multi-wavelength, ventilation, vacuum

3.Arbitrarily matched wavelength;Optional wavelength 365nm,395nm,405nm,420nm,455nm,470nm,500nm,520nm,590nm,620nm,660nm,740nm,810nm,850nm,940nm,White light LED

4.The 12-bit reaction instrument can be stirred at the same time, and the sample can be better mixed.

5.By using the modular design, the multi-band irradiation can be realized only by replacing the PCRS25 module according to the need.

6.LED light source needs no water cooling, no filter, and uniform illumination.

7.LED power supply is controlled separately by touch screen to realize free matching.

Technical parameters

Function12-bit photochemical reaction instrument; independent numerical control, stirring, light intensity adjustable, multi-wavelength selection, ventilation; PCRS25 photochemical reaction instrument light box to achieve on-line hot plug to change the band.
Standard 12-bit band365nm,395nm,405nm,420nm,455nm,470nm,500nm,520nm,590nm,620nm,660nm,White light
Selected band740nm,810nm,850nm,940nm
Control mode7-inch HD touchscreen CNC, 240*128dpi
Total input power300W,AC220V,±0.01%
LED power consumption12*25W,DC38V,±0.01%
Irradiation mode12-bit independent LED side irradiation, irradiation area 100mm*20mm (50ml); optional 100mm*30mm (100ml)
The quantity of samples that can be placed12-bit 50ml quartz reaction tube + temperature controlled cold well (optional 100ml)
Irradiation inhomogeneity<2%
Standard configuration

1 set of main engine system, 1 set of CEL-GDT-12 gas distribution meter, 12 sets of light box of CEL-PCRS25 photochemical reaction instrument, 14 sets of quartz reaction tube, 12 sets of PEEK special joint and pipeline

Band selection description: customers can choose bands and quantities according to the experimental requirements, with a total of 12 bands, and can also add multiple bands according to the needs.

Light box of CEL-PCRS25 photochemical reaction instrument

CEL-GDT-12 gas distribution meter

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