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CEHL hydrogen generators


Place of Origin:Beijing

Brief introduction:Easy to operate, just start the power switch, can produce gas, the output pressure is stable, the flow rate by the LED digital display, more intuitive and eye-catching.

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Main functions and features

1. easy to operate, only need to start the power switch, both can produce gas, stable output pressure, flow rate by LED digital display, more intuitive and eye-catching.

2. Daily use only needs to replenish distilled water, which can be used continuously or intermittently.

3. The integration of liquid storage, electrolytic hydrogen production and oxygen discharge, low pool temperature and long life.

4. Equipped with a non-returning liquid device, which can effectively ensure that the instrument does not return to the liquid phenomenon.

Technical parameters

1. Power supply voltage: 220v 50Hz

2. Maximum power: 150W; 180W

3. Ambient temperature: 0-40℃ Relative humidity <85%.

4. Environmental conditions: no large amount of dust and corrosive gases.

5. Gas production purity: 99.999 % (relative oxygen content)

6. Output flow rate: CEHL-300 type 0 -300 ml/min

            CEHL-500 type 0 -500 ml/min

7. Output pressure: 0.4Mpa (if special pressure is required, the factory will be notified before delivery)

8. Dimension: 370×180×360mm (L×W×H)

9. Weight: CEHL-300 type about 12Kg; CEHL-500 type about 13Kg

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