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CEL-HPR+photocatalytic reactor (high-end version, sapphire+automatic platform)


Place of Origin:Beijing

Brief introduction:The high-end version of CEL-HPR+ photocatalytic reactor adopts sapphire large window, Double point temperature control (no flushing temperature), Standard temperature control mixing and 400mm stroke automatic lifting platform;

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The high-end version of CEL-HPR+ photocatalytic reactor adopts sapphire large window, Double point temperature control (no flushing temperature), Standard temperature control mixing and 400mm stroke automatic lifting platform; Technically adopt the latest snap ring flange structure, Module heating, Realize constant temperature timing and operation timing functions, Take liquid and gas samples online. Safer design, can work 24 hours a day.

Product advantages

1.Independent research and development of temperature control system, innovative use of double temperature control inside and outside the reaction vessel to prevent temperature overshoot;

2.Equipped with sapphire (Al2O3) crystal window, which has high strength, high hardness, high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, good light transmission performance, and excellent electrical insulation performance;

3.Internal magnetic stirring: magnetic suspension stirring can be selected, no exposed rotating parts;

4.PTFE spraying process can be used inside the reactor body to avoid pollution;

5. Gas-solid-liquid reaction and gas-solid reaction can be realized inside the kettle body;

6.Realize material catalysis under high pressure (<10MPa) and high temperature (<300);

7.Flange double-line sealing technology solves the traditional sealing leakage problem and realizes quick disassembly and assembly;

8.Equipped with American anlok high-quality needle valve, three-way ball valve, and pressure gauge to achieve flexible control of the pressure of the kettle body;

9.Equipped with a safety unloading valve, adding another safety to the experimental safety environment.

Application field

In order to adapt to the development of photochemistry and photocatalysis,Zhongjiao Jinyuan has developed a variety of photochemical high-pressure reaction vessels, It can realize reactions such as photochemical catalysis, synthesis and degradation under high pressure. Suitable for photochemical high pressure reaction, Photocatalytic high pressure reaction, Photocatalytic carbon dioxide CO2 reduction, Pollution gas degradation VOCs photocatalytic degradation, Photocatalytic gas phase high pressure synthesis, Reduction and degradation of nitrogen oxides NOx, High-pressure photocatalytic degradation of formaldehyde and other fields, It can also be used for reaction visualization research, Sampling analysis, Multiphase behavior observation, Multiphase behavior observation, Spray observation of supercritical particle preparation, Thermodynamic properties research, Observation of long-term dissolution process, etc.


 Suitable for the reaction of small samples, It is the most ideal reaction device for testing expensive or low-yield raw material samples, Configurable GPPCN/GPPCL to pass in quantitative gas, Equipped with PPS series liquid feed pump to feed liquid quantitatively, Can cooperate with CEL-GSOA online automatic sampling system, Realize online automatic analysis and testing of samples.

CEL-HPRT + overhead light series photocatalytic reactor

modelcapacityClear apertureTransparent materialIrradiation method(TOP)Connection TypeReaction vessel
CEL-HPR25T+25ml20mmSapphire window, hydrophobic, no water droplets on the wall, does not affect light transmittanceTop-illuminated projection type photocatalytic            reaction (illuminated from top to bottom). Optional 300W   photocatalytic          xenon light source, LEDFlange connection,      fixed snap ring             structure,   and high   temperature  resistant graphite composite material for sealing. Double crescent-shaped snap ring and flange connection structure.316L stainless steel reaction vessel, (PTFE can be sprayed at any time, Optional Hastelloy, Hastelloy valve fittings)

CEL-HPRS+ side-illuminated series of photocatalytic autoclave

ModelVolumeOptical apertureLight-passing material

Irradiation mode


Connection formKettle body
Sapphire window, hydrophobic, no       water droplets   hanging    on the wall, does not affect the transmittance of light

Side illumination photocatalytic reaction (horizontal irradiation).Optional    

300W    photocatalytic   xenon  lamp     light source,    LED

The flange is connected, the clasp structure is fixed,  and  the high temperature  resistant graphite            composite material is used for sealing.

Double crescent clasp and    flange connection structure.

316L stainless steel kettle    body (optional with Haugh alloy, Haskell alloy valve      fittings)

Technical parameters





Window material

Sapphire, light   transmission diameter 40mm(30mm,25ml、50ml)

Irradiation method

Top-illuminated(TOP)、Side-illuminated   photocatalysis(Side)

Work pressure

10MPa,(Can be customized 20MPa,30MPa)

Automatic   platform

The height of   the light source can be automatically adjusted to facilitate the sample   filling of the reaction vessel, with a stroke of 400mm

Reaction vessel   material

316L   corrosion-resistant stainless steel (PTFE can be sprayed at any time,   Hastelloy can be customized), lining (PTFE, quartz)

Container lid

The standard   needle valve, three-way ball valve, unloading valve, dual thermocouple,   pressure gauge, and spare interface valve are American anlok;

Connection   method

Double   crescent-shaped snap ring and flange connection structure


Sealed with high   temperature resistant graphite composite material, double-line sealing   structure

Heating   temperature

<300℃(Temperature control accuracy 0.1℃)

Temperature   control method

Dual-point   temperature control inside and outside the reaction vessel, dual PID constant   temperature program control

Control display

LCD screen   setting display: control temperature, reaction vessel temperature, furnace   temperature, magnetic stirring speed

Power   configuration



Supporting light   source platform,Can realize   the automatic lifting of the light source, (Optional 300W photocatalytic   xenon light source(HXF300、PF300-T8)、High PowerLED(LED100HA)、Mercury light source, etc.)

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