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CEL-KPR simple reaction kettle


Place of Origin:Beijing

Brief introduction:The CEL-KPR simple reactor is sealed with large thread connection for quick disassembly and sample replacement without the need for other auxiliary tools

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Cel-KPR simple reaction kettle, with large thread connection and seal, can realize quick disassembly and quick sample replacement, without other auxiliary tools, can be directly used by matching the user's existing heating and temperature control instrument. CEL-KPR simple reaction kettle, simple structure, standard needle valve, ball valve, pressure gauge, can meet the needs of most experiments.

CEL-KPR simple reaction kettle, can be applied to the synthesis of materials, organic synthesis, pressure and temperature resistant polymerization reaction, crystal, semiconductor material synthesis, photocatalytic material synthesis, material analysis and other directions.

Technical parameters:


KPR simple reactor parameters



The kettle body material

316L corrosion resistant stainless steel (custom made Hastelloy alloy)

Kettle lid

Standard with needle valve, three-way ball valve, unloading valve, thermocouple, pressure gauge, standby interface, valve for the American brand ANLOK

The connection method

Threaded connection, double - wire O-ring seal

Pressure of work

10Mpa optional pressure gauge (1, 2.5, 6, 10Mpa, or optional digital display)

The relief valve

8 mpa pressure values


Standard quartz lining (PTFE coated inside optional)


High temperature resistant composite seal, wire seal

The standard

Reaction kettle body, valve, vacuum gauge, spare parts, temperature display gauge, etc


Special heating and temperature control base for CEL-HKT100 reaction kettle (including magnetic stirring)

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