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CEL-MPR miniature reactor


Place of Origin:Beijing

Brief introduction:In order to adapt to the development of material science research field, ZhongJiaJinYuan has developed a number of micro high

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Product application:

In order to adapt to the development of material science research field, ZhongJiaJinYuan has developed a number of micro high temperature and high pressure reaction kettle, which can realize material catalysis, organic synthesis, material synthesis, polymerization, degradation and other reactions under high pressure (< 10MPa) and high temperature (<300℃).

Miniature reaction kettle is suitable for the reaction of a small number of samples, and it is an ideal reaction device for the test of expensive or low-yield raw material samples. It can be equipped with GPPCN/GPPCL to pass quantitative gas, PPS series liquid feed pump to pass quantitative liquid, and cooperate with CEL-CPS constant pressure sampler to realize the pressure reduction of sample gas, and realize online automatic analysis and test GC.

Product advantages:

1. Independent research and development of temperature control system, innovative use of double temperature control inside and outside the kettle, to prevent temperature overshoot;

2. Internal magnetic stirring: optional magneton suspension stirring, no exposed rotating parts;

3. The interior of the reaction kettle can be sprayed with PTFE to avoid pollution;

4. Gas-solid liquid reaction or gas-solid reaction can be realized inside the kettle body;

5. Realize material catalysis under high pressure (< 10Mpa) and high temperature (<300℃);

6. Flanged double-wire sealing technology, to solve the problem of traditional sealing leakage, to achieve rapid disassembly and assembly;

7. Configuration of ANLOK high quality needle valve, three-way ball valve, pressure gauge, to achieve flexible control of the kettle body pressure;

8. Equipped with safety unloading valve to add another safety to the experimental safety environment.

Technical parameters:

The name of the




The heating temperature

<300℃ (temperature control accuracy 0.1℃),

The temperature control mode

Inside and outside the kettle double point temperature control, double PID constant temperature program control

Pressure of work

10MPa, (can be customized pressure 20MPa, 30MPa)

The kettle body material

316L Corrosion-resistant stainless steel (PTFE/custom Hastelloy), standard lining (PTFE or quartz)

Kettle lid

Standard with needle valve, three-way ball valve, unloading valve, double thermocouple, pressure gauge, standby interface, valve for the United States ANLOK

The connection method

Double half crescent clasp and flange connection structure


Adopt high temperature resistant graphite composite sealing, double line sealing structure

Mixing way

Internal magnetic stirring (optional magneton suspension stirring), 100-2000rpm/min

Gas-solid reaction

(optional) GS100 special flowback gas solid reaction accessories, stainless steel sand plate

Control the display

LCD setting display: control temperature, kettle body temperature, furnace body temperature, magneton stirring speed,

The power configuration


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