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PPS-100B metering pump


Place of Origin:Beijing

Brief introduction:Optimized design and intelligent calibration for chemical reaction equipment requirements; The Cotem-M3 microprocessor with higher performance than ARM7 is adopted.

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I. Optimized design and intelligent calibration according to the requirements and characteristics of chemical reaction equipment;

2. Adopt Cotem-M3 series microprocessor with higher performance than ARM7;

3, double plunger series: more stable, more reliable;

4, the product adopts floating plunger design;

5. All key parts are imported from abroad

6, silent, no mechanical noise;

7. No mechanical buffer (electronic pressure pulsation suppression);

8. External control can be carried out through RS-232/485 interface, and intelligent recognition of RS-232/485 communication mode;

9, Technical indicators are as follows:

Velocity range


Infusion structure

Double plunger series; Electronic pressure pulsation suppression

Flow accuracy

<±0.5%(>0.1mL/min,water, room temperature))

Velocity stability

<0.2%, (1mL/min, water, room temperature)

Pressure fluctuation

< 0.1MPa (1mL/min, water, column connection, 15MPa)

Pressure range


remote control

RS-232/485 interface, computer reverse control


LCD, 2×8 English display

Dimensions/net weight

130×110×210mm (length × height × depth) / 2.8kg

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