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Series Ⅱ high pressure infusion pump, constant current pump

Model:United States SSI

Place of Origin:Beijing

Brief introduction:The patented low-dead-volume pulsation damper and rapid filling technology enable the single-piston pump to achieve truly pulsation-free flow rates. Suitable for many harsh experimental conditions.

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Meet a large number of application needs

1) Series Ⅱ pump has a patented low dead volume pulsation damper and fast filling technology, which enables this single piston pump to achieve true pulsation-free flow rate. Suitable for many harsh experimental conditions.

2) Analysis and semi-preparative separation

3) Series Ⅱ high pressure infusion pump flow rate is 0.001-5ml/min, 0.01-10ml/min or 0.1-40ml/min

4) The materials used are compatible with all applications

5) SERIES Ⅱ Infusion pump can be supplied in either traditional 316 stainless steel or PEEK(biocompatible) material to suit metal-sensitive applications. Different materials can be selected for different analytical applications.

6) Low breakdown maintenance

7) SERIES Ⅱ constant current pump is directly behind the plunger seal. With the plunger movement of eluent fluid, the patented online automatic self-cleaning device is designed to perfectly extend the service life of the seal and greatly reduce downtime and operating costs. This cleaning is automatic and requires only a weekly change of the self-cleaning solution (water). Ingeniously designed seal, no tools needed to be replaced and can be completed in 5 minutes.

8) Easy to replace the mobile phase

9) SERIES Ⅱ high pressure infusion pump automatic discharge/flushing one-button design, more convenient when the mobile phase replacement of the empty and filling, or one-button automatic discharge/filling/exhaust bubble, or manual pumping, extremely convenient.

10) excellent quality and reasonable price

11) The use of advanced design of digital stepper motor control technology and true single plunger design, to achieve extremely high performance. Very low operating costs, lightweight design and very few consumable parts constitute the main features of this pump.

12) Compatible with all existing systems

13) SERIES Ⅱ high pressure infusion pump can directly replace most pumps, no need to replace other accessories, for the maintenance of the existing system to provide a simple means.

Technical parameters

    Flow range



    0.1-40 ml/min


        0-6000 ps(stainlesssteel);                               0-5000 psi(PEEK)

    0-1500 psi


    ± 2%

    velocity accuracy


    Set inside

    Bypass valve/self-cleaning assembly/pulse damper

    Remote input

    Frequency input, voltage input

    Digital transmission


    Liquid road materials

    Optional PEEK or 316 stainless steel



    Installation dimensions

    140 H x 254 W x 432 D(mm)




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