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CEL-S350 Simulated daylight xenon lamp source


Place of Origin:Beijing

Brief introduction:CEL- S350 simulated daylight xenon lamp light source is a research grade xenon lamp light source specially for solar cells.

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CEL- S350 simulated daylight xenon lamp light source is a research grade xenon lamp light source specially for solar cells. 350W high voltage short arc spherical xenon lamp is installed inside the light source to form arc discharge under high frequency and high voltage excitation. High-pressure short-arc spherical xenon lamp is a point light source with very small luminous point, which emits strong and stable continuous spectrum from ultraviolet to near infrared when ignited. AM1.5G standard simulates daylight spectrum with high energy density and stable output. It can be used not only in solar cell research, but also in photoelectric response device testing, surface photovoltage spectrum, biological illumination, photocatalysis, surface defect analysis and other fields.

This series of light sources can be compatible with a variety of specifications, brands, imported and domestic filters and lenses (25.4mm, 50.8mm, M52and M62, etc.). Our company can provide various specifications of quartz filters, reflectors, K9 optical filters, etc.

Product application

Solar cell testing, simulation of sunlight, point light source output, optical fiber extraction, uniform parallel light.

Advantages and characteristics

1.High quality Ultraviolet Quartz Lens to improve Light Collection efficiency

2.Using back light mirror structure to improve light collection efficiency

3.Built-in trigger to avoid safety risks caused by the transfer of high voltage between the light source chamber and the power supply

4.Color temperature up to 6000K, simulating sunlight

5.AM1.5G Spectral Standard, completely simulated Solar Spectrum

6.The cooling mode adopts fan air-cooled cycle refrigeration

Specification parameter

Maximum input power500W350W

Average power density of optical output

( 1 Sun=1 000W/ m2  Solar constant)

Continuously adjustable and can be measured by CEL- NP20 00 optical power meter

0.5-2Sun0. 5-1. 5Sun
Total luminous output power15W
Current regulation range15A-25A10A-18A
Luminescence spectrum range350-1100nm350-1100nm
Working spot diameter3-60nm3-60nm
Spot light output diameter2-3mm
Stability of light source≤1.0%
Lamp life>8000Hours>8000Hours
Cooling modeAir coolingAir cooling

Combined fittings (optional)

1)Accessories can be used with CEL-HX series xenon lamp light source

2)With the use of xenon lamp light source, you can choose a variety of accessories, can be equipped with lenses, filters, optical fibers, etc., suitable for different experimental needs.

3)Parallel lens sleeve

4)AM1.5G solar spectrum fitting filter

5)Optical steering gear

6)Optical fiber connection and output device

7)Spot regulator (3mm-52mm spot adjustable)

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