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PECK20 square photoelectric chemical cell


Place of Origin:Beijing

Brief introduction:Made of all quartz fusion method, translucent on all four sides, PTFE lid.

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1.Product model: PECK20

2. Pool specification (length, width and height mm): 30mm×30mm×50mm (45ml)

3. Product features: full quartz fusion method production, four-sided light transmission, PTFE lid.

4. Product use: Suitable for photoelectric chemical experiments, photoelectric test analysis, with photoelectric system, etc.

5. Standard equipment: PECK20 all-quartz square photoelectric chemical cell; PTFE cover; working electrode: platinum electrode clip (for clamping working electrode); counter electrode: platinum wire electrode, reference electrode: silver-silver chloride electrode.

6. Remarks: Electrodes can be flexibly combined and arranged according to experimental requirements (photo electrodes are for reference only)

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