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PECK45S temperature-controlled sealed photoelectric chemical cell


Place of Origin:Beijing

Brief introduction:Product Model: PECK45S (temperature-controlled sealed type)

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1.Product Model: PECK45S (temperature-controlled sealed type)

2. Product features: PECK45S temperature-controlled and sealed photoelectric chemical glass cell body, PTFE lid, quartz light window. Good corrosion resistance, water circulation sandwich temperature control, quartz light window (diameter 24mm) can be quickly installed and removed.

3. Pool volume (mL): 50ml

4. Product use: Suitable for photoelectric chemistry experiments, can be temperature controlled by water bath.

5. Standard equipment: PECK45S temperature-controlled sealed photoelectrochemical cell (glass body); PTFE cover; threaded electrode clamp, working electrode: platinum electrode clamp (for clamping working electrode); counter electrode: platinum wire electrode, reference electrode: silver-silver chloride electrode.

6. Remarks: Electrodes can be flexibly combined and arranged according to experimental requirements (photo electrodes are for reference only), the size and number of electrode holes can be customized according to user electrodes, temperature control can be configured with LX or HX series circulating water machine, and 100mL/200mL volume reaction cell can be customized for customers' special needs.

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