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CEL-GPPCT photothermal reaction at high temperature and high pressure


Place of Origin:Beijing

Brief introduction:The present invention relates to a photocatalytic tubular reactor, which comprises a metal outer cylinder (7) and a quartz inner cylinder (15). The metal outer cylinder (7) and the quartz inner cylinder (15) are in separate structure

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Commonly used experimental reference scheme

1. Commonly used reference scheme of photothermal experiment, refer to GPPCM

2.GPPCT, which can realize conventional thermal micro-reaction experiment, standard high-pressure thermal catalytic reaction tube, and the experimental temperature is less than 800℃; Experimental pressure <10MPa; It can realize a variety of thermal catalytic reactions of three gases and one liquid. To realize the thermal catalytic evaluation of the catalyst, the outlet can realize gas-liquid separation, or the detection and analysis of the whole component.

3. Ammonia synthesis experiment

4. Methane Reforming

5. SCR for desulfurization and denitration

6. Hydrogenation of CO2

Main technical parameters :(high temperature and high pressure simultaneously meet the photothermal reaction)

1) Pressure: photothermal catalytic pressure <6MPa,(the pressure varies according to different reactors); Conventional thermal catalytic pressure <6MPa;

2) Temperature: <600℃; Working area constant temperature: <±1℃; Heating furnace: 3 sections;

3) Optional scheme: <800℃, <10MPa, and standard scheme <600℃, <6MPa, you can choose one; Due to the high pressure and temperature, the weight of the reactor is relatively heavy. If high parameters are not required for the experiment, please carefully select the selection scheme.

4) Lighting in working area: 20mm in diameter, double-sided illumination, sapphire window;

5) Preheating furnace parameters <10MPa, <600℃, improve the gas mixing effect, increase the catalytic efficiency;

6) Three-way gas: you can choose the gas standard preheating furnace, gas (containing dozens of gas options), flow rate: 100,100,200 mL /min

7) One liquid: including spare liquid pipeline and liquid heating, <200℃, metering pump optional;

8) Optional GC: Double FID+TCD three detector scheme, can test all components, using imported VICI automatic sampling valve (temperature control <200℃), to realize any two detectors at the same time online test, reverse control workstation.

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