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Catalyst evaluation micro-reflector


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Brief introduction:Each part of the device is modular design, except the gas feeding and the control cabinet part adopts the panel type installation, the rest adopts the frame type installation, while ensuring the minimum dead volume to ensure that the equipment is easy to install, operate and maintain;

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Introduction to device structure

1. The device is composed of four parts: gas-liquid feeding system, reaction system, material collection and sampling system, instrument-computer linkage control system;

2. All parts of the device are modular design. In addition to the panel installation of the gas feeding and control cabinet, the rest are framed installation, which ensures the minimum dead volume and the convenience of installation, operation and maintenance of the equipment.

3. The main body of the reactor is made of 316 stainless steel. In order to ensure the temperature consistency after replacing the reactor with different diameters, the reactor is equipped with a temperature uniform sleeve with different inner diameters. At the same time, in order to prevent the liquid material from condensation again, the buffer tank is installed separately in the reactor heating furnace, and the buffer tank is heated separately, and the distance between the buffer tank outlet and the reactor inlet is reduced as far as possible. Reactor structure for removable disassembly.

4. The product is separated once in the high temperature and high pressure gas-liquid separation tank. After the gas phase reduces the pressure to close to normal pressure through the back pressure valve, it can be emptied after sampling through the six-way valve, or stored in the low-temperature sampling tank after condensation.

5. The liquid product is automatically discharged into the sampling tank after the liquid level of the high temperature and high pressure gas-liquid separation tank is controlled by the differential pressure transmitter and pneumatic control valve. The liquid phase can be emptied after sampling through the six-way valve or directly emptied;

6. Equipment accessories and instruments are all selected from well-known manufacturers, and other non-standard devices are designed and processed in a unified way.

Application field

◆ Can be widely used in petrochemical, chemical chemistry, scientific research and teaching and other fields.

The operating conditions of the device are extremely wide, with strong versatility;

◆ It can be used to measure some conventional parameters in catalyst research and improvement, such as reaction temperature, reaction pressure and feed flow, etc.

◆ The function of catalyst in hydrogenation reaction can be tested.

◆ It can be used for rough selection, fine selection and activity test of catalyst.

◆ Test the validity of the catalyst.

Device characteristics

Can realize the combination of computer automation and manual dual-mode control, easy to operate.

◆ The key components and most of the valve parts, pumps, mass flow meters are used in domestic and foreign brand products, so as to ensure the reliability and stability of the system;

◆ For the safe operation of the device, three alarm functions of high and low limit alarm, high limit emergency treatment and offline high limit emergency stop are set up;

◆ The system adopts open frame structure design, beautiful appearance, easy to operate; Each component adopts modular design, strong versatility, easy to install and maintain;

◆ System flow, catalyst loading, feeding rate, medium type, operating pressure and so on can be designed according to user requirements.

Specific technical parameters of device:

1) The loading volume can be 0-5ml / 5-10ml. By changing different reaction tubes in the same reactor, the ratio of height to diameter of the catalyst remains unchanged.

2) Reaction and carburetor temperature: room temperature ~ 600℃; Buffer chamber temperature: room temperature ~ 400℃; Temperature of thermostat: room temperature ~ 250℃; Temperature control accuracy: ±1℃.

3) metering pump, liquid flow 0.01-10ml /min; Control accuracy: ±1%FS.

4) High temperature gas-liquid separator liquid level control and do not drop the pressure to take liquid; High temperature sampling valve and valve box with heated air mixing; With six - way valve sampling, sample sampling insulation channel.

5) Independent condenser refrigeration system (room temperature ~ -15℃)

6) The system has two-stage stable pressure and back pressure; It has job security and safety protection system.

7) Analysis system (gas chromatography or mass spectrometer and workstation); (Optional configuration).

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