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CEL-PEAC-200A photoelectric chemical reactor


Place of Origin:Beijing

Brief introduction:CEL-PEAC-200A photoelectrochemical reactor, standard with special electrochemical cell and electrode, is mainly used in photoelectric catalytic PEC, electrochemical analysis, dye-sensitized cell, catalyst and material photoelectric performance evaluation and analysis, etc.

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Product Applications

CEL-PEAC-200A photoelectrochemical reactor, standard with special electrochemical cell and electrode, is mainly applied to photoelectric catalytic PEC, electrochemical analysis, dye-sensitized cells, catalysts and materials photoelectric properties evaluation and analysis, etc.

The photoelectrochemical reactor can be specifically applied to the study of various photoelectrochemical reactions, such as the study of the phenomenon, law and application of the redox reaction when the photoexcited molecules or ions are in the excited state; the study of the electrochemistry of light directly affecting the electrode process, the measurement of the conversion of light energy to electrical and chemical energy; the photoelectric conversion measurement of photoelectrochemical cells; photoelectrochemical synthesis and enrichment, etc.

Product features

1. standard with 6 optional LED light sources (365nm/375nm/465nm/525nm/625nm/white light).

2. LED light power adjustable, can also be adjusted by the irradiation distance light power.

3. light source built-in shutter, can realize the rapid passage of the light path.

4. standard with special multifunctional electrochemical cell (10ml) and electrodes, ITO can be tested by inserting.

5. Can be used in conjunction with any brand of electrochemical workstation.

6. no need to purchase additional accessories, can be used directly with electrochemical workstation.

7. The equipment occupies a small area, easy to use and convenient to operate.

Ltd. has more than ten years of experience in designing and processing electrode electrolytic cells. CEL-PEAC-200A photoelectrochemical reactor is produced by Tianjin Aida, which is a photoelectrochemical reactor based on LED light source. The in-depth cooperation between CEL-PEAC and Tianjin Ada will be launched one after another in the direction of photoelectrochemical products to meet the multi-purpose applications in multiple directions.

Technical parameters



LED light source

(365nm, 375nm, 465nm, 525nm, 625nm, white light)

UV: > 20 mW/cm2; peak wavelength 365, 375 nm

Blue light: > 20 mW/cm2; Spectral range: 420~470 nm, peak wavelength 465 nm

Green light: > 20 mW/cm2; spectral range: 520~535 nm, peak wavelength 525 nm

Red light: > 40 mW/cm2; spectral range: 620~630 nm, peak wavelength 625 nm

White: > 20 mW/cm2; Spectral range: 400~700 nm, peak wavelength 455 nm

LED input power

<10W with natural heat dissipation

LED lifetime

> 10000h (UV > 1000h)

Photoelectrochemical cell

Material: PTFE; volume: 10ml; ITO glass can be tested by inserting, no other connection is needed; standard with perfect quick-wire.

One photoelectrochemical cell (photoelectrolytic cell), 10 pieces of matching ITO electrodes, one glass carbon electrode, one reference electrode, one platinum auxiliary electrode

Distance adjustment

Built-in manual guide, equipped with cuvette sliding platform



Operating voltage.


Instrument standard equipment

One main unit (including six LED light sources), one photoelectrochemical cell (photoelectrolytic cell), 10 pieces of ITO electrodes, one glass carbon electrode, one reference electrode and one platinum auxiliary electrode

Optical power meter (optional)

CEL-NP2000-2 type, CEL-FZ-A type

Electrochemical workstation (optional)

American Admiral, German Zahner, PINE, CHI and other electrochemical workstations

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