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AULTT-P series optical fiber spectrometer


Place of Origin:Beijing

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Advantages and characteristics

1.Wide spectral measurement range 185-1100nm

2.Special spectrometer for measuring ultraviolet, visible, near infrared and infrared bands

3.High quality spectral resolution up to 0.03nm

4.It can simultaneously complete spectral wavelength and intensity distribution measurement, absorbance measurement, chromaticity coordinate and color measurement.

5.Exquisite appearance design, design all adopt common standard interface

6.Rich optional accessories, light source, optical fiber, CCD probe

7.No external power supply, USB direct power supply, stable operation

Software advantage

1.Adopt USB interface and fully support Win7 system

2.The software has automatic identification and connection function, the communication is convenient, and multiple spectral instruments can be connected at the same time.

3.Integrate a variety of spectral analysis modules (spectral wavelength, intensity distribution measurement, absorbance measurement, chromaticity coordinates, color measurement, etc.)

4.Provide a variety of sample spectra (standard light source spectrum / solar spectrum / deuterium light spectrum / mercury light spectrum / all kinds of LED spectra / high and low color temperature energy-saving lamp spectra; absorbance spectra of various glass sheets)

5.Convenient and fast data processing function (import spectral data and images into Excel and TXT files, and save them as * .pdf * .bmp and other files)

6.Convenient intelligent exposure time function

7.It has the function of spectral video recording.

Specification parameters

Effective wavelength range350-1000nm200-800nm185-1100nm
ApplicationVisible band measurementUltraviolet band measurementUltraviolet, visible and infrared measurement
Highest resolution0.03nm0.03nm0.03nm
Wavelength repetition error< 0.3nm< 0.3nm< 0.3nm
Detector(CCD)2048 element linear silicon CCD3648 element linear silicon    CCD

3648 element linear silicon   


Slit width30μm30μm30μm
Grating600 lines @ 450nm600 lines @ 250nm600 lines @ 250nm

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