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CEL-PAEM-D8Plus Photocatalytic activity evaluation system


Place of Origin:Beijing

Brief introduction:CEL-PAEM-D8PLUS photocatalytic activity evaluation system (professional automatic carbon dioxide reduction CO2+ fully hydrolyzed water H2O) is a major upgrade of the evaluation of photocatalyst,

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        CEL-PAEM-D8PLUS photocatalytic activity evaluation system (professional automatic carbon dioxide reduction CO2+ fully hydrolyzed water H2O) is a major upgrade of the evaluation of photocatalyst, mainly used for professional automatic carbon dioxide reduction closed system analysis, compatible with photolyzed water and fully hydrolyzed water. The advantage of the system is the new appearance design, more convenient to use, all the pipelines of the system are all temperature control, sample collection and sample analysis to achieve seamless connection. D8plus integrates the glass system into the closed shading box, which is easy to move and not easy to damage. The application of photocatalysis CO2 is more favorable in experiments with more expensive catalysts. Realize online automatic unattended test and analysis; Can choose manual, semi-automatic, automatic sampling mode; Configuration software USB reverse control; The test range is wide, hydrogen, oxygen, CO2, methane, CO, hydrocarbon, formaldehyde, methanol, formic acid and other trace gases.

Functional features and applications:

1) Automatic analysis of carbon dioxide reduction performance of catalyst

2) Activity evaluation of semiconductor materials (TiO2, C3N4, CdS, etc.) catalysts

3) Performance analysis of hydrogen production, oxygen production and total hydrolyzing of the catalyst

4) Trace reaction system, very low amount of catalyst;

5) Special experimental requirements such as photoelectric reaction, gas-solid reaction and membrane catalysis can be configured;

6) Closed integrated design, the panel adopts translucent plexiglass plate, all the closed plate can be removed at any time for easy maintenance;

7) Online automatic unattended test and analysis;

8) Manual and automatic sampling method can be selected (temperature control 200℃);

9) Easy and fast installation, compatible with any manufacturer of gas chromatograph;

10) Wide test range, hydrogen, oxygen, CO2, methane, CO, formaldehyde and other trace gases;

Technical parameters

1. Pipelines are all made of glass, using patented glass valve for sampling, and 1.8L/s corrosion resistant fan for pipeline gas circulation;

2. Reactor volume: 25ml, 50ml, 100ml, 250ml;

3. Pipeline volume 50ml±5, vacuum degree -0.1MPa(72h dynamic), vacuum gauge: pointer or digital display;

4. Sampling mode manual, semi-automatic, automatic;

5. Control mode software automatic control (8 bits); Automatic execution status, real-time display, software interface including USB, RS232; Compatibility;

6. Test accuracy, 0.01ml & 0.01min;

7. Vacuum pump, software reverse control automatic start and stop, 2L/s, including anti-suction solenoid valve;

8, the light source is still placed in the back end of the system platform, more stable, easy to replace the reactor and sample take and place;

9. Hydrogen, oxygen, CO2, methane, CO, formaldehyde, acetaldehyde and other trace gases, H2, O2 >0.001ml; CO, CO2, CH4>1ppm; CH3OH, HCOOH, CH3CH2OH, CH3COOH>10ppm;

10. Glass gas path built-in U type cold trap pipeline, used to improve the vacuum degree and separation of volatile solvent;

11. Vacuum pump adopts KF16 connector to realize double cold trap configuration in the system;

12. Closed design, all the closed plate can be removed at any time to facilitate the maintenance of the glass system, the panel is made of translucent organic glass plate can be observed in real time, but also can prevent light pollution, specification 560mm (width) *470mm (depth) *860mm (height);

13. The automatic sampling valve is pneumatic controlled to achieve the valve temperature control and constant temperature <200℃, and the sampling connection pipe has heating <100℃. ※14. In the reaction part, condensation reflux, circulation part, sample collection, sample analysis and other five parts of the system, 7 stages of temperature control are adopted to achieve the whole process temperature control, constant temperature control temperature <200℃。

Recommended facilities:

Gas Chromatography GC7920

CEL-GSOA-20/V online double six-way sampling system can be used in conjunction with other GCs such as Shimadzu and Agilent.

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